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CocoChoco Professional


Advanced formula which will turn your tired hair into straight, smooth and brilliant, shiny hair. Main ingredient – ceratin (keratin) is usually a basic for healthy skin, nails and hair. Extract of ceratin brings your hair back to its natural, healthy look.

STRAIGHTTTENING OUT YOUR HAIR It is worldwide known therapy, it is called Brazilian Blow Out and it aims to revitalize, smooth out and restructure your hair. This process was invented in Brazil where many women complained from tired, worn out, curly hair caused by constant assault of sun and humidity. That’s exactly what CocoChoco does to your hair- it brings back the look of strong, healthy hair which is also much easier to style everyday, after the therapy. This process is based on forcing main ingredient into the structure of your hair using high temperature, so all damaged cells absorb healing substance in short period of time. Artificial, chemical treatment commonly used in hair salons is obsolete here! CocoChoco therapy is thus based only on natural ingredients which do not damage your hair long term.