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Special offers

Looking for occasion ?

Looking for occasion ?

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We invite you to a unique offer prepared especially for you !


The current commercial offer: 350 zł instead of 740 zł for washing, clipping, combing and treatment lasting keratin hair straightening.

* When consumption 40 ml of keratin

The current commercial offer: 50 zł instead of 70 zł for the service Fiberceutic, filling intensive treatment for very damaged hair.
Her results:
– Reconstruction of the internal structure of the hair
– Increase the resilience of hair
– Clearly stronger hair

The current commercial offer: New: 30 zł instead of 45 zł for new treatment pielęgnacycjny. Cataplasme a nursing service that follows the ever-evolving world Eko trend. Developed on a 100% natural ingredients that come from a series of L’Oreal Professionnel – Serie Nature.

The current commercial offer: 169 instead of 215 zł zł for the service Richesse coloring, haircuts and modeling.

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